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 Detox Wraps and Scrubs:


Choose from the following Detox Baths:


Detoxifying or Relaxation DNR Body Soak

Hormone Balancing

Heavy Metal


Chemical Detox

Stress and Cortisol balancing

Joint and Muscle Detox

Hot Whirlpool Bath


Moor Mud Healing - Nourishing Wraps & Scrubs:

Mud wraps are known for increasing circulation and removing toxins from the skin, thereby tightening and firming skin texture. Mud is applied to the entire body and is then removed with hot towels after a period that allows the nutrients in the mud to be absorbed by the skin. For maximum benefits, we often recommend an exfoliating shower or body polish as a precursor to the mud wrap. Muscle relaxation and pain relief are additional benefits that have been associated with the mud body wrap.


Eminence Organic Body and Exfoliating Wraps

Moisturizes, tones and refines the skin. Deeply hydrates.


Moor Mud Wrap & Lotion Hydration

This luxurious mud blends plant extracts, trace minerals and vitamins for a soothing experience.


Invigorating Cellulite Treatment

Improves elasticity, regenerates collagen fibers, hydrates and improves cellulite condition.


Blueberry Slimming and Skin Renewal Wrap

Refines and soothes the epidermis, exfoliates and increases the skins circulation


Pumpkin Exfoliating Wrap

Algae / Seaweed Wrap

Algae and seaweed wraps are designed to boost metabolism and enhance skin health. The treatment involves full-body disrobing for application of seaweed or algae in a foil wrap. Both of these ingredients are rich in vitamins and amino acids, which can be absorbed through the skin. Algae and seaweed wraps are thought to aid in detoxification by causing the body to release toxins through sweat. For optimal results, our guests are encouraged to shower before the treatment and refrain from using soap when showering immediately after the treatment has been performed.  Moisturizing lotion is applied after shower to complete this treatment. This is a 90min treatment process. Full shower, towels and changing room provided. 


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