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Body Work and Massage:


All Of Our Spa Body & Massage Treatments Are Done With 100% Organic Skin Care Products

Traditional Thai Massage


This is done with client fully dressed with loose clothing.  Traditional Thai massage is done on a floor mat with the therapist using both hands and feet to massage , stretch and flex the clients body while massaging the key muscle areas.  You would have to try this to experience the rewards from this treatment!



Anti-Stress Swedish Massage

A stress free massage that will offer you a relaxing moderate touch.


Deep Tissue Massage 

A deep touch sports massage that relieves aches from sore muscles as well as helps increase blood circulation.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot river rock stones used in combination with hot oils to soothe in a therapeutic massage. Great for muscle aches.


Hot Oil Massage   
Heated organic oils with a combination of aroma therapies chosen by the client if desired.  Great for aching muscles and stress relief.


Basic Chair Massage 

A non-invasive upper body, head, neck, back and shoulders massage while sitting comfortably in a specially designed massage chair. Guest do not disrobe or remove clothes. A great way to get a quick relaxing moment away from the busy world.


Mini Table Massage  
Table massage for upper body only (head, neck, back, arms and hands).  Guest only need to remove shirt or blouse while being draped on table.  Swedish style massage for relaxation and stress relief.



Reiki takes its name from the combination of two Japanese ideograms: Rei (meaning spiritual consciousness) and Ki (meaning life-force). Practitioners take a highly spiritual approach to well-being, emphasizing the flow of unseen life-force through the body. Reiki practitioners claim to be able to channel unseen energy into a client’s body by touching or bringing their hands close to the client. Recipients of the energy are then said to be better able to heal themselves.




Tibetan Singing Bowl Massage
Vibrations from the bowls will energetically

balance you for deep relaxation, pain relief

and healing.



Organic Waxing Services:

Upper Lip
Upper Lip





Full Arm

Half Arm

Full Leg

Half Leg



Ear Candling

Centuries old, candling continues to be used

as a soothing and relaxing treatment for the ears. 

A cylinder is gently placed in the ear and lit to

create a slow vacuum. With no discomfort, old

ear wax and toxins are removed, helping to relieve

pressure and inner ear blockage


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