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Ondamed Bio-Feedback:







The word Ondamed comes from the Latin word  “medical wave”.  Ondamed is an electro-magnetic biofeedback device.  The system works by induction, stimulating cells to give out energy signals thereby rebuilding the electro-magnetic life fields of diseased tissues.


Developed by German scientist, Rolf Binder, the Ondamed System has been successfully used in Europe for over 10 years and in the United States since 2002.



The Ondamed system works via biofeedback matching your body’s specific frequencies against system frequencies and pre-bundled programs of pre-set frequencies generated by the Ondamed system.  This way your body is “telling” the practitioner which frequencies it needs.


Using the Vascular Autonomic Signal (VAS) the practitioner can scan the body’s preferences, determines areas of meridian blockage and most importantly immediately simultaneously delivers the needed frequencies or pre-bundled programs thereby bringing the body back into balance.


According to Wolf-Dieter Kessler, MD and Ondamed user in Germany, blockages in the body are non-functioning blocked tissue areas.  Blockages physically exist on an electro-physical basis by means of coherent interference-rated frequencies.  These frequencies are generated through the accumulation of acidic (hydrogen-ions) materials.  These blockages disturb the normal oscillation of all other tissues.


The Vascular Autonomic Signal is used to the body’s blocked areas.  The VAS is generated via resonance pulse testing.  The practitioner monitors the VAS while dialing into the Ondamed’s stored frequencies and or pre-bundled programs.  A frequency or program match occurs when there is a significant surge in the VAS felt at the pulse.


The VAS is a pulse feedback method developed by Dr. Paul Nogier in 1968.  Nogier discovered there are 4 pulse responses to stimuli, no response, the weakening of the pulse signal, the increase of the pulse signal and a sharp spike.  Pulse spikes occur as Ondamed scans through frequencies or as the practitioner runs the system’s 173 pre-bundled programs or by moving the Ondamed applicators over areas of the body containing energy blockages.  The VAS response is generated by the sympathetic nerve fibers in the arterial wall of the pulse.


Procedure details

ondamedbehandThere are 4 basic steps to most treatment


Clear patient interference fields

Identify and run patient specific frequencies

Identify and run required pre-set programs

Identify and treat micro-organisms



Ondamed frequencies stimulate connective tissue also know as the extra cellular matrix.  This matrix is a storage place for nutrients and toxins, which are each absorbed by the cells or excreted into the bloodstream or lymph for removal from the body.


Stimulation of the extra cellular matrix:


Enhances the release of toxins leading to improved detoxification

  • Enhances the absorption of nutrients into the cells
  • Reduces edema
  • Stimulates cellular repair and regeneration
  • Activates lymphatic drainage, thus improving the immune function
  • Improves circulation of blood
  • Reduces the harmful effects of geopathic and electromagnetic stress

Excitation with ONDAMED frequencies will:


Balance metabolism

  • Increase vitality
  • Produce more positive moods
  • Clear mental thought process
  • Engender strong commitment to self-care

In addition, client specific treatment protocols are available such as stop smoking, allergies, arthritis, asthma, and diabetes, cardiovascular. Each Ondamed session is unique to each patient and is independent of prior sessions.  Therapy applications depend on the individual patients conditions and findings.  Each session runs approximately 30-45 minutes consisting of 15 minutes of patient intake and 20-30 minutes of treatment.  For optimal results we suggest a set of 6 visits.  Two visits per week for 3 weeks more or less as required.


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