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Latest Breast Cancer Facts:

232,340 new cases of breast cancer diagnosed in 2013

64,640 new cases of carcinoma in situ

39,620 will die from breast cancer this year


Breast cancer in men:

240 new breast cancers in men in 2013


*** Glyphosate (most common and toxic pesticide found in GMO foods) multiplies the proliferation of breast cancer cells by 500%-1300%.


The New England Journal of Medicine published an article stating that they had identified 1.3 million cases of misdiagnosed breast cancer through mammograms. This falsely pushes women into believing they have cancer when they do not. Would it not be wise to get another scan done besides a mammogram for a second opinion?


Mammography radiation poses a high risk for the further development of cancer already. Mammograms put out low energy x-ray 30 kvp radiation, which is 300% more carcinogenic than high energy radiation from atomic bomb blasts. This low energy radiation damages and impairs the body's DNA repair mechanism to protect the breast cancer genes BRCA1 and BRCA2 from mutation. These two breast cancer genes have to stay healthy to protect you against the onset of cancer.




Breast cancer awareness money goes into funding mammogram testing and subsequent medication prescription and radiation procedures and for research for toxic cancer drugs. No money is spent for breast cancer research in regards to nutrition, toxic environments or natural therapies or prevention of existing non-toxic remedies and natural medicine or the promotion of digital thermograms.


Large amounts of donated funds of this 2 billion dollar non-profit organization goes toward inflated corporate officer salaries.


They solicit the donation and making people believe it is for a worthwhile cause by pushing people to purchase junk food and other toxic food like sodas and even fried chicken. (Just don't see how this is going to help a woman with breast cancer by eating a bucket of fat drenched Kentucky Fried chicken with the pink ribbon on the outside of the bucket!)


On their website under "Risk factors and prevention" they list:

*Earlier detection and screening

*Finding risk lowering drugs

*Being a woman and getting older

*Leading a healthy lifestyle may help lower the chances of getting breast cancer

(Wow, this is the best they can do!)


Absolutely no mentioning about all the research showing how toxic skin care products like parabens, polyethylene glycol, Bisphenol A, pesticides and a slew of other chemicals like roundup and the consumption of GMO foods are, causing genetic mutations, tumors, breast cancers and many other diseases.


If you would like to find a worthwhile cause or company to make donations to, you can support The Organic Consumers Association who is currently lobbying to get funds to pass new labeling laws for GMO foods or EWG (The Environmental Group) which is bringing up to date efforts to check, disclose and research which skincare or environmental chemicals are causing the most harm to us and animals or the environment we live in. Here are some of these great websites:


Environmental Working Group

Organic Consumers Association

Alliance for Natural Health


So far we know that the two overwhelming factors that contribute the most to the development of a breast cancer are:

1. Hormone Replacement (even Bioidentical Hormones) and Birth Control Pills

2. Environmental chemicals getting into our bodies via water, food (GMO chemicals) and topical creams, mimicking estrogen-like characteristics, causing tumor formations.


Take a proactive role in your health, educate yourself and follow these guidelines that we have already researched for you, we want you to be "THE WOMAN THAT BEATS THE ODDS! Call for an appointment and be tested for the chemicals in your body and start on a detoxification program, learn how to eat properly and teach others to do the same! We need to spread the word about what we already know are the causes of disease!


Best of Health, Mojka Renaud L.N., A.P.

Licensed Nutritionist / Acupuncture Physician

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